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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Just saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 with my brother. I liked it, but I'm glad I saw a SAG screening instead of paying to see it when it first came out. Not because the movie was bad, more because I'm a cheap bastard if there isn't a woman involved. Then I'm just a bastard.

Anyway, movie kicked appropriate amounts of ass in the appropriate places, threw in a cute cartoon for the kids, and made me want to see Vol II when it comes out in February. I was going to hold off watching either until the DVD came out as one long single film, but that plan has been shot to hell thanks to my brother calling me at 7 telling me the movie started at 7:30 and to get my butt down to the theatre.

We went out for a bite after the show, which is why I'm posting tonight.

I'm full. Beyond full, I'm stuffed. We went to Tokyo Delve's Sushi on Lankershim and *mumble mumble* across the street from the venue. TD's is one of those "Hey there! We're going to sing and dance while you eat! Everybody drink!" kind of restaurants. Great for birthdays, bachelor\bachelorette parties, amuse the clients from out of town with company credit to spend kind of joints. I hate them, but I saw sushi flashing in neon not 50 feet from me when I stepped out from seeing a bunch of blood spraying onscreen so we jaywalked in. I almost walked out when all the sushi chefs screamed HEEEEEEEY when I opened the door. I hadn't eaten since this morning so braved the bells, whistles, and thumping bass of the cheesy frat disco that was playing over the stadium certified PA.

I quickly ordered a large Asahi but was rebuked on that request with a "only sapporo", so I ordered two of those. I then shot out my order while waving away the menu.

"Give me tuna, salmon, tamago, and a rainbow roll, oh and miso soup. I think my brother may want something but I don't care because you haven't brought me my beer and now he must suffer".

I finish my first beer as the miso soup comes. My brother got a salad. For a big guy he's kind of a pussy. I finish my soup, tuna, salmon, tamago, and second beer in about 30 seconds. I'm now not hating my brother for ordering chicken at sushi restaurant, but just barely. I'm about full, quite pleased with howlarge they cut their fish here. If it wasn't for the Chuck E. Cheese atmosphere I'd consider coming back.

I get my rainbow roll handed to me as I'm finishing my third large sapporo. Oh...My...God. The plate is overflowing with fish and rice. Every piece of sushi on the plate is donut sized. It's like they made regular sushi and decided to wrap two or three more around each one. It was like looking at a loaf of bread some 1st grader took his fingerpaints to. It was gorgeous. I change my mind about the ritalin kids jumping with joy everytime the door opens or a drink is served and decide this place isn't that bad.

I ate the whole plate.

I can barely walk.

I think I fell into a serious food coma because I awoke just a minute ago in front of my computer.

Ugh, I'm full.