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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Cut and paste

So here's a recap of my week. It's not terribly interesting, as I'm tired and have decided to keep some stuff to myself.

I've been working on the Neversoft "art test", which is a pain in my ass as I've done the work before yet can't find the cd I burnt of it. Basically they want me to make some stuff very similar to some 3D models I made for a game I worked on a few years ago. Just to see if I can do it. Well of course I can do it, but I don't really want to. Not that I'm not interested in the project (NOT the next Tony Hawk game, a seperate title), but rather I want to do something new. So I've been searching for the lost files I already have buried somewhere and want to polish them up and add what I think would be cool. Add on top off that a reworking of the very first shot for the Making Waves gig (for the umpteenth time) and I've spent far too much time looking at meshes and renders.

Went to The Symptoms show at The Viper Room. I enjoyed it, Tila showed up, met a couple people from myspace, drank too much. Kristina's bass cut out during one song but she played through it. She's a trooper. Jeaux was understandably upset with some technical issues and having to cut the set short, but he's a perfectionist and too hard on himself so I wasn't surprised.

Cecy came by and we spent the day hanging out, which was nice. I only slept half the time, which is a record for me. My internal clock is all out of whack dealing with the director in New Zealand and the producer in the UK. Honest, she doesn't put me to sleep. I'm just tired all the time.

On Friday I recieved a call from a friend that I would be going camping after all, wether I wanted to or not. Normally this wouldn't have been a big deal but her boyfriend couldn't make it so we'd be sharing the tent by ourselves. It's not the sharing the tent that made me sketchy, it's just how it would look to others that bothered me. Wound up being a non-issue as the tent she bought is almost as big as my bedroom and she also packed a queen size air mattress. Seriously, this tent could sleep 9 people. So no cuddling in a cramped tent. Which was good, as I had a migraine the whole weekend and was quite irritable despite the good company. Excessive cuddling would have only made me hot and more ornery. All in all it was uneventfull, and a much needed break from the work I've been doing. Enjoyed a nice little hike on Saturday, taught some of the other campers how to properly cast a fishing line, and had a few good light hearted chats with Natara. Oh, and Eian cracks me up.

Came back Sunday, stopping off at Laurel's for a quick dip in her pool and a nap before making it all the way home. When I got home I found out that the render I set up to go while I was gone was stopped. So what I thought would be done hadn't even gone more than an hour into a 24 hour rendering cycle. Fuck. So I started it up again with the hopes it may speed up and be done by Monday morning.

Monday morning I checked it and was extremely disappointed with the motion blur, so I went in and touched up each frame in photoshop. Each frame. By hand. There went my entire day. Thinking it was all good to go, I sent a preview MOV file up to my website so the director could OK the shot and finally tell me I'm done. Then my brother stopped by and took me to see Spiderman 2 (go see it, it rocks). After the flick we stopped by the Burgandy Room to see Maria and for me to get my mp3 player from Cutter. Got home around midnight and promptly crashed out.

Today I received an email from Nicholas (director) that there's a problem with the last twenty frames in the shot. Why am I not surprised?