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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Spent the weekend, other than Saturday night's party at the Rainbow for Pony's b-day, finishing up the final shot for Making Waves. Which opens tomorrow night. In the UK. That's roughly 20 hours from now. I sent the producer a quicktime version of it, but they need the full rendered frames to drop into the final edit. So how the hell am I supposed to get 3.7 gigabytes of TIF files (640 frames, 1920x1080 resolution, each about 6 MB) over to the UK, and also to the director in New Zealand, in time? I have no fucking clue.

So I'm uploading the final frames to the studio where the editing will take place via FTP. My quick, and most likely flawed, calculations on my upload speed and the total file size brings the estimated time of completion to be around 12 hours. This is a perfect example of the word "guesstimistake".

As I should have expected, I have another shot to do for the DVD version that they may drop into the theatrical release. How did this go from 7 simple shots to 11 slighlty more complicated ones? I should have kept my big mouth shut when I was asked what I thought of the film, nodded politely, and walked away. But no, what did I do? I said "Cute movie, too bad the space station CGI is crap. You should have asked me to do it.".