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Monday, May 31, 2004

Who in the what now?

Slipping on the stepping stones tripped and fell and broke my bones.

What a complete start\stop weekend this has been so far. The animation got where it needed getting, yet there's still work to do on it for the super duper deluxe extended director's cut I guess. I have three pages of notes to go through. NOTES! It feels like I'm starting it all over. And I still haven't heard when I'll get compensated, which would be nice. Granted, the director and producer have no idea when THEY will make any money from this, but a heads up on how things are going on the distro side would be nice. It has been getting great feedback from the screenings they've been putting on, and people I've shown my copy seem to like it. But feedback from friends and family does not equal Jon paying his bills. So yeah, I've been asked to give the animations I've done "that extra little something", which I don't mind doing really. Apparently Nicolas (director) has been given to calling me Sir Jon and wants to have me officially knighted for the trials and tribulations I've gone through while working on this project. I'm no Heath Ledger or nothin', but I think I'd look damn good in a suit of armor.

Friday night was Carol's going away party, which was cool. Drank too much, Turn of the Screw fucking ROCKED Tara's living room, Jeremy gave me a copy of his band Depswa's latest album, Murv stopped by after I called him to let him know Tara and Jeremy had his old band's sticker not only on their fridge but their bedroom door as well, played with the pitbulls, made Meatloaf's daughter giggle when I told her the show she was in (HBO's Carnivale) did absolutely nothing for me but I was sorry I missed all her nude scenes, and someone impressed me with having the balls to pick up a guitar and jam with some of the other guys there despite not having played in years. Good times. Oh, and Erica fucking ROCKS, and I so want to set her up with my favorite girl who likes girls like they're boys. She's a little action figure with the kung-fu grip and likes my cats, so she, to reiterate, fucking rocks.

Saturday morning Pony couldn't find her contacts. Of COURSE my cats stole the case, why was she so surprised? Just because she has turtles and they're not so good with the sneaky-sneaky? I mean, they're alright at simple theft, but you can see what they're planning a few days in advance.

Losgadh came and picked me up around noon to go shopping for her little brother Spencer. Apparently the girls at his school said he'd be cute if he wore cool clothes. So the 11 year old brainiac (he tests off the chart) told his mom that he wants girls to think he's cute, who asked Losgadh what's hip and happenin', somehow this turned into "get Jon to go with us". I think it's because I dress like I'm 15. At least that's what the tux guy told me when I rented one for a buddy's wedding. So now Spencer no longer looks like Urkel, and will have little girls swooning all over him.

After the shopping excursion, Losgadh and I came back to my place to take a nap. Well, she napped while I nursed a wicked hangover from the night before. Her boyfriend called an hour late to let her know he was getting off of work and he'd take her out to a movie. I'm hoping they went to see Troy, as it's a surefire way to gauge a guy. As Housecat told me after she saw it with a guy friend "He turned to me as we were walking out and said that even though he wasn't gay he'd still have sex with Brad Pitt". It's all about honesty people. I'm not gay, not even remotely bi, but god DAMN that motherfucker is one sexy beast.

Today I didn't do much, other than clearing out the spare bedroom for Cristal. Who is moving in. Or so she claims. She called around 3 saying she'd be here by 6, 7 at the latest. It's now 11 at night and no word. I'm guessing she's out with her boytoy. Bitch better get here soon with my money.

I'm exhausted, yet as you can see not much has happened the last few days. It just starts and stops.

There's more stuff to write about but I fear I've rambled enough. Mainly clever conversations with Natasha, saGe, Housecat, Stiles, WhatWouldSatanDo (and his coming by to play his drums for a whole of 5 minutes), my brother Jay's return from Europe, my car still being AWOL, my theory on why masturbation should stay a shamefull act, and the reason why my Mobil kicks your Mobil's ass.