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Friday, April 23, 2004

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse - Good News For People For People Who Love Bad News.

I've been listening to this album for the last month or so. Insanely good. A couple of songs are a bit too over the top for my tastes, but it's easily one of their best full albums. There is a variety of styles, but if you were a fan before this will be familiar territory.

The first single "Float On" is very catchy. I can easily forgive Isaac's lisp on this track. Very "Talking Heads" influenced without being obvious.

When "World At Large" first starts you may think you're listening to Placebo until Isaac starts going into a long intro verse that caused me to gasp for air.

A few other stand-outs are "The Devil's Work Day" for it's Tom Wait's feel, and "Blame It On the Tetons" and it's sad Beck sound.

Modest Mouse has definitely matured and grown with each album. This is really one of the better records I have heard, from any band, in awhile. It definitely is their strongest, commercially, in the sense people might consider it their only album.

Their best work? No, but it definitely is their most consistently pleasing. A progression from their older stuff to more of a pop sound, without sacrificing anything.