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Monday, March 01, 2004

pasty goth dork

So I post regularly on a messageboard full of drunks and loose women. Make of that what you will, but that's not what I'm posting about here.
Anyway, a thread was started about what social groups pissed people off and one knucklehead wrote this:

"I hate Goths. I was pulled up at some traffic lights with some of my teammates, when a group of Goths walk past. One of them makes a snide comment about us being a bunch of 'preppy, conformist jock wankers.'
So what did I do? Drive to a friends house that lived nearby and grabbed a tin of crimson red paint. We managed to find them hanging on a corner not too far from where we saw them the first time. We drove past and dumped the paint on them, screaming 'GET SOME GOATS BLOOD MOTHERFUCKERS!'"

Something about this just pissed me off. Maybe it was the guy's username (Wolfcastle - with a pic from the Simpson's as his avatar) or the fact he thought he was being cool and would impress anybody from the messageboard with this stunning display of how "badass" he is. So I posted this:

"Preppy jocks. I hate them with a passion. Some friends and I were walking down the street when this car full of complete tools blasting "Who Let The Dogs Out?" came next to us and just stared. My friend Sara called them 'a bunch of preppy, conformist jock wankers', and they freaked out. I've never seen a Volkswagon Jetta move so fast.

Anyway, we're down the street waiting for the light to change and they CAME BACK. They screamed something at us while pouring paint all down the side of the car, but I'm not sure what it was.

What a bunch of losers"

What struck me as hilarious is that the guy posted a response where he didn't realise I was mocking him and his post specifically. He thought I was seriously pissed off at jocks and tried to make me feel bad for "being a pasty goth dork who couldn't hang with the football team".

I'm not a goth am I? I'll give him pasty, and fully embrace the dork side, but I'm not goth.

And I lettered in football and track.