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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Saturday night

Well I had a shitty night. Someone dinged my car at the bar, which ain't too bad. They then scraped another person's, which still isn't too bad. What IS too bad is that they left a note on the second person's car saying that I did it. Luckily for me, the doorman saw them do it and has 86'd them for life.

Then, after two beers, my pc emailed my cell to let me know that the animation I set to go for a few hours had crapped out. So I'm home again and resetting the scene, switching to the Brazil renderer instead of the default scanline.

Sorry for the artnerd speak.

Oh yeah, if you visit Seattle...

Beth's cafe' up on Aurora by Greenlake. It's not Roscoe's, but they have a 12 egg omelette with bottomless hashbrowns. Check out Pike's Place Market, just to see the fish being thrown, also get a bite to eat at Lowell's and enjoy the view.

If you have time, check out Gaswork's Park and the big structure a guy I knew jumped off while drunk. He broke his back and sued the city for not putting a fence around it. Moron.

For pure kitsch, get your picture with the troll under the Fremont bridge.

Kick a hippy in the nads for me.