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Friday, April 23, 2004

No point - just a ramble

I'm a meat eater. No red meat, but fish and chicken. I dated a strict vegan for awhile. She didn't wear leather, protested Proctor & Gamble on animal testing, the whole bit. Our eating habits were never part of our relationship. I did make concessions for her diet but never teased her or even thought of questioning it. She introduced me to some amazing restaurants here in Los Angeles, and I never ate meat in her presence. Well, a couple of times, but she never made any comments about it.

My point being, it shouldn't matter to your partner what your beliefs are on your diet. Just like your taste in music may be different. It's how he\she treats you that is important. I respected my ex on her beliefs and supported her, but it wasn't why I was with her. I was with her because I liked making her laugh, kissing her belly on Sunday mornings, taking walks with her beautiful dogs, brushing her hair out of her eyes when she had her hands full of wet clay, stuff like that.

Sure, it would be great to find somebody with the exact same idealogical beliefs as yourself, but what makes a relationship FUN is celebrating your differences as well as what you have in common.

If you're ever in Southern California, check out the Newsroom in the Beverly Hills area and Native Foods in Westwood. Native Foods has a vegan cheesecake that blows me away.