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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dirty, stupid girl

Oh this is rich:

The head of the California NAACP is demanding state Education Secretary Richard Riordan resign for jokingly telling a preschooler that her name, Isis, meant "stupid dirty girl."

A group of civil rights organizations, including the NAACP, planned to protest Riordan's remarks at the Capitol Thursday.
But the organizer, Democratic state Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally, canceled the protest after an apparent mix-up over the girl's racial background.

...cause, there's no need to protest if it's a white kid getting their feelings hurt? Actually, there's no need to protest at all, but it's pretty funny they had the thing all set to go, getting on the bus and everything, and then realized, "OOh, oops! Everyone, everyone get off the bus. It was just a white kid!" And then they all went to Denny's.