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Thursday, July 15, 2004

The road to apathy is paved with good intentions.

You know what? I don't want to hear anybody's view on the environment, the "war on terror", low-carb diets, illegal file swapping, gay marriage\civil unions, censorship, racial profiling, faith based initiatives, or any other fucking thing you want to rail about. I'm getting quite sick of having to listen while somebody spouts off misinformed statistics or claims somebody else's opinion is fact (I'm looking in your direction Caulter and O'Rielly).

What brought this on? It's quite simple. I moronic yuppie woman and her whiny argument with an equally insipid granola munching liberal hippie fuck in the aisle at Trader Joe's. This shrill little chihuahua of a woman claiming whatever her point of view (irrelevant) was countered by Mr. Needsabath with his bong water soaked tired and soggy retorts (also irrelevant). What set me over the edge was that the both saw me picking up a 6 pack of Hanson's Ginger Ale and put it in my little basket.

Both then turned to me and said, practically in unison mind you, "You know that animals get the plastic holding those together stuck on their heads and die! Don't support that!". They then looked at each other like they finally found something to agree on and I'm their new enemy. They can now double team me and flex their intellectual muscle somehow proving their superiority.

I looked at both of them and simply said "You know what? I'm not a fucking moron, and I realized long ago that all you have to do is CUT THE FUCKING PLASTIC LOOPS and that won't happen. Furthermore, I recycle. So the chances of this now completely benign weapon of seagull destruction will not be unleashed upon the landfills of our great country. Shut up, you're both morons. Just get it over with and hatefuck each other already".

I was going to wrap this up with a long tirade about something or another, but I just don't care anymore.