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Thursday, December 11, 2003

This morning sucked

My fever came back full force for a bit. My digital thermometer reached 103.7 a few times yesterday, but I came back down to a balmy 98.6 by midnight or so.

I went to go check on my cats' water and food around four this
Filled up the food dish, water was fine...
Alley came scampering into the kitchen as usual.
Hey, where's Grommet?

I look around the house for him for a good half an hour, finally finding him
under the living room's corner coffee table.
I reach in and drag him out, expecting him to flop around in my arms as I
give him some lovin's.
He mews like he did a few weeks ago so I set him down and he couldn't stand


So I pet him and coo to him for awhile, worried sick that something awful
happened to him while I was bed-ridden the last few days.
I take a bath around 5:30, then head over to the Tarzana Medical Center to
get checked out by the nice doctors they have set up for the flu epidemic.

I wait with a crowded waiting room for about an hour and a half, calling Dr.
Grasmehr's office at 8:00 to see if she can see Grommet today. She can see
him at 9:15, after I explain that he had been doing better but I have been
out of commision and don't know when he relapsed.

The nice nurse finally sees me and says "Yup, you have the flu. No vaccine
for you, should have gotten the flu shot last month".
She gives me an antibiotic, one of the two they prescribe that doesn't have
complications with my other ailments, and scoots me out the door because there are
sick kids in need.

I take Grommet to Dr. Grasmehr around 9 and she sees us right away. Here's
where it gets weird.

Last time she saw him his RIGHT knee was the funky one. This time it's his
LEFT. She and the cool guy assistant (forgot his name AGAIN), stretch, poke,
bend, and prod Grommet for about 5 minutes. Grommet lays there without a
fuss. God I love that cat. Anyway, he has a ligament going from his knee to
his hip that's way tensed up, and his kneecap is shifting. No idea why. I
ask if it may be from overcompensating for when his other leg was weak last
month. Dr. Grasmehr says she wouldn't be surprised, but for now we'll put
him on a stronger anti-inflammatory and take x-rays next week.

So now I'm home, worried about my cat, feeling loopy from the antibiotics,
tired as all get out, and burpy from the Naked Protein drink I just guzzled
because I haven't eaten since the ramen I half kept down last night.

At least my fever is still gone.