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Friday, July 16, 2004

More apathy

I just read a journal entry by someone I think is very smart and completely disagree with. They apparently didn't like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9\11, or Michael Moore himself, one bit. Fair enough. I don't particularly care for the man myself, especially with that amazingly fetid piece of "film-making" that was Bowling for Columbine. See, what I don't get is my friend's assumption that F9\11 is actually viewed by anyone with more than a shred of common sense as anything more than a propogandist film scattered with some facts, sprinkled throughout with editorial jabs, topped with a dollop of witty cynicism. A liberal stack of flapjacks if you will. She seems incredulous that people believe Michael Moore and his books, yet at the same time this sweet, intelligent, and feisty woman also posts whole articles by Bill O'Reilly. Can you see the irony?

I think F9\11 is doing exactly what should be done - prompting people such as you and me to actually look up the facts that may have not been brought to our attention otherwise. Yes, it's another typical MM propoganda\spin piece. Yes, there are clever edits and soundbites that do not give the whole story. Yes, a lot of people will mistakenly think the film is a straight documentary. But there are a lot of facts that are undeniable presented in the film that are embarassing to, and indicting the very character of, the current administration.

I'm not going to present which facts bear fruit or which ideas presented are spun so far out I'm getting flashbacks of that time I threw up on the Tilt'a'Whirl at the state fair though. That's not my job, and it's actually each viewer's responsibilty to do so for themselves.

Moore's F9\11 isn't TRUE. But neither is Fox News, CNN, Newsmax, MoveOn, or even this journal entry. There is no concrete truth in the media. It doesn't sell.