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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sorry about all that

I think I'll leave off on political discussions for a bit. Right now I'm in no mood to be positive, and yet the spirit of Ray Charles is compelling me not to be negative, which is how I usually operate when confronted with the stupidity thrust at me from both sides. It's just that.. I feel... you see... there's just so much... I think I'm sick of the news and politics. Yes, that's it. I've been far too deep in the mire of illusion for me to pull out, to approach these topics is to be sucked inevitably into standing for one "side" or another. I think a week is quite sufficient a break. I need a few days to ponder, and to scrape some of the mud that's been flung about that's seeped down my waders.

I will say this though:

There is something intellectually wrong with a person who claims the terrorists hate us for our freedom, then proposes that the best way to defeat the terrorists is to remove the very freedom of speech they supposedly despise.