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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


A friend of mine is starring in a controversial movie coming out early next year. I keep hearing entire radio programs discussing it, and seeing articles saying how anti-semetic the script and director are. Give me a break, it's a goddamn movie.

I'm not a religious person, a little spiritual, but I don't follow any set belief system. I think it's fine and dandy if others do (as long as they aren't extremists) and have many friends that have their religions as the core part of who they are.

My friend in the movie is a devout Roman Catholic. He's a great guy, I love him to death, and he doesn't have a hatefull bone in his body. He has many Jewish friends, and I can see it pains him to be labelled as anti-semetic. It's a shame that people have accused the film of being as such without having seen it for themselves. I haven't seen it, so I reserve any thoughts on what it may or not portray until I do see it come Easter.

My friend knows I'm not religious even though we met in high school, which was a private catholic school up in Seattle. He knows I don't share his beliefs, and he has never once tried to "save me" or preach his beliefs to me. We've had many wonderfull conversations, most of which I've initiated, about religion but never once has it been more than that: a conversation.

So when I read or hear all the ignorant masses claiming the film is this or that I am just amazed by the audacity of these people. Especially the liberal left. It's called free speech for a reason. I have every right to say what I want, wether it be about the injustices done by the current administration or how I love to eat chicken and fish. I get to say it, and it bears more weight if I have an informed opinion. Yes, they have a right to slam Mel Gibson for portraying his view of the "truth" of Jesus' last hours on earth, but to make claims without being informed or viewing what he and my friend have made shows me that these opinions are shallow and hollow bluster.

I think this is why I listen to and appreciate Dennis Prager so much. Here is an obviosuly learned man, opening his radio program with, in all sincerity, a christmas carol. Not taking a day off for the holidays, talking with his listeners and educating them about the differences between moral right and wrong as compared to the lawfull and societal interpretations. He, as far as I've heard, has not condemned the film. Did I mention Dennis Prager is Jewish? Practicing? Observant? Fine, fine man. He's on AM 870 at 9 in the mornings here in LA, give him a listen.

My ex Kristina got me hooked on him, another thing Ihave to remember to thank her for.

Anyways, I've rambled enough. I just wanted to say that people should keep an open mind and make informed decisions instead of following the herd.