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Saturday, February 14, 2004

All you singles out there!

Well, those in Los Angeles...

Yes, you! You too, Mister! Get off the internet and on a bender.

Casey's TODAY, the day of lurv and all that.

It's in the San Fernando Valley on Sherman Way and Topanga.

Why? I'll tell you why:

$2 gin and tonics. Don't like gin? Fine, $2 vodka tonics.
Don't like tonic? How about 7-Up? Want it straight? That'll be $2.

How does THAT grab you?

What if I throw live music in the mix? What kind of music? How's about a 5-piece jazz band all over 60 with guest vocalists? That's right, a bunch of musicians that have been doing it longer than you've been alive kicking out the old school jams.

I plan on being there, so if that's not too much of a deterent show up and drink those Valentine's blues away.

And fellas, remember they're not drinking to forget that they're alone on this "special day". They're drinking because they remember.