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Friday, August 06, 2004


Sharon Stone blames US President George W Bush for the absence of a lesbian kissing scene in Catwoman - because of the current conservative climate in America.

Moron, I mean more... here

"Puritanical streak".

Requiem for a Dream, Brown Bunny, Monster's Ball, Bad Santa. Yup, REALLY puritanical behavior.

Brown Bunny, directed by and starring a right wing staunch republican, has a film who's climactic scene is full on fellatio. Not only is a graphic bj in the flick, but it had a fucking BILLBOARD on Sunset with a shot of the director receiving said blowjob.

"How can you have us in the movie and not have us kiss?"


Hey Sharon, it's also a waste to have Natalie Portman in the Star Wars prequels and not having her do at least one scene where she's getting tag teamed by old Ben and young Ani. I really don't think I can blame Bush for that though, I blame Lucas for lacking "vision".

She's complaining because her idea of controversy may inject some life into what's left of her "career" as an actress. A cheap ploy, playing on the tired cliche' that two women making out is edgy. It wasn't in the script, so for her to blame stodgy old men for her not getting to lock lips with the other brainiac in that flick is simply laughable.

She's a has-been who has no cultural relevance other than being known as the cheap tawdry whore that claims to have not known that her cooch was going to be shown two stories high in Basic Instinct. Hey genius, did you not notice the camera was at crotch height and you forgot to wear knickers when that leg of yours did Kareem Abdul Jabar proud with that skyhook? She then complained to the press that she was "violated". Hey, so was I when I caught that piece of shit "Sliver" but you don't see me complaining. Well, now you do but you get my point.

The fact that Catwoman is a complete failure makes her statement even MORE hilarious. Does she think that some cheap fake lesbian action would put more suckers into the seats? No, they'd just P2P that scene just like they're snagging the BJ clip from Gallo's pretentious piece of shit "Brown Bunny", skipping all the existential tripe and heading straight for the only action offered.

Fuck she annoys me.